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Words from the Alsherjargothi

May is an exciting time! I hope everyone has had or will have an amazing May Day! We are in the prime of the year, activity and great things are going on all around us. I seem to say this every month but that is because it is so important, get out there and participate!

In today's world, we all spend a lot of time on social media. That is a great tool to maintain connections over distance. Unfortunately, social media tends to amplify anxiety and promote wallowing in the doom spiral as well. Life is good, share it with your AFA family. I would like everyone who reads this to make a point of attending a meet-up in your area. Better yet, make the trek to your Hof! Hof attendance and real-world participation is what builds the community that we all need. Participation is essential to Asatru—it is not a theory or a philosophy, it is actively worshiping the Æsir and engaging with your AFA family. 

I am excited! We have some great things coming up this summer, and I look forward to sharing all of it with all of you.

Now is the time to make things happen!

Hail the Æsir!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Matthew D. Flavel

Alsherjargothi, Asatru Folk Assembly


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