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Folkbuilder spotlight: Ashley McStocker | Folkbuilder | Minnesota

Ashley is one of the most driven of our Folkbuilders in the AFA. She is a mother of three, a dedicated partner, and working her way through nursing school. She is as hardworking as they come, continually having the Folk and her family at the forefront of her motivations and works tirelessly in AFA responsibilities. She is the driving force in building community relations at and around Baldrshof in delivering community building with the monthly food pantry, toy and clothing drives, back-to-school supplies, and other relationship building projects in the local community. This is just scratching the surface as to her dedication to the Church and her family.

''Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker has become a pillar of Baldrshof District while also working to grow Frith outside the district lines. Her tireless efforts have grown a relationship with our community through the monthly food pantry, school supply drive, obtaining holiday meals for those in need, and with the Yule toy drive. She can be found in the kitchen, with the children, assisting in Blot, or building relationships with members each and every month. She is a vital resource for the AFA and a driving force behind the Victory of Baldrshof. Thank you, Ashley, for your sacrifices, dedication, and hard work that contributes to the Folk every day!''

-Witan Brandy Fassett-

''Ashley McStocker is one of a sweetest ladies that we have in the AFA. She is an incredibly hardworking, strong, and proud woman. Her work with the Baldrshof Food Pantry, the Virtue Recovery group, and any of our members' needs are First-Class, but they’re still out shadowed by her loyal dedication to her wonderful children and fiancé. I’ve been super proud to work alongside her since I stepped up, and I know she’s going to keep doing things long into the future, just the same has she has for these last few years!''

-Folkbuilder Nick Rice-

''So much of what happens at Baldrshof happens because of the tenacity, motivation and drive of Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker. She organizes the food shelf and does the most important job of finding donors. She organizes the school supply giveaway in the fall and toy drive at Yule time. Ashley is the reason our Hof is such an asset to the community of Murdock, MN. She also goes above and beyond in organizing Hof events from planning and cooking meals to thinking up and implementing children's crafts. In addition to all that she runs a Virtue Recovery Meeting once weekly, throws really fun Moots, and is the sweetest friend. I am so grateful to have Ashley in my life and as my kindred sister. Thank you, Ashley, for all you do!''

-Corrie Proudfoot, member-

''Ashley is very devoted to helping her Folk. She is also very willing to help with anything you may need help with no district lines to hold her back. She is a hard worker and reliable. She can be counted on. She is never too busy to talk. She is a good friend.''

-Folkbuilder Heather Young-

''She smiles, and without a word, you know that you have a friend and ally. Her demeanor is one of optimism, of handling whatever comes in the most noble and gracious way. She has the energy of youth and the understanding of an elder. Compared to those who are more intense, Ashley brings balance and heart to AFA leadership… both are qualities that are always needed. Steve and I have felt Ashley's warmth since the moment we met her.''

-Gythia Sheila McNallen-

''I have had the distinct privilege of working with Ashley McStocker over the last few years, whether she is training new Folkbuilders in our district or helping find food donors for our food charities. She is always helpful because she wants to help, not because she feels like she has to. She attacks tasks with unmatched enthusiasm and high energy, and she is a real team player. Ashley is among the very best of our Folkbuilders and she is a pleasure to work with.''

-Witan Daniel Young-

''It's hard to hail Ashley McStocker because there are so many things she does, and I don't know where to begin.... She is the most caring and sincere mother, a funny and reliable sister, devoted Folkbuilder & beacon for our Folk, and one hell of a friend!

Seeing her in action is a work of art, and she has a genuine heart of gold! Her compassion shows through her deeds and devotion to her family, our Folk, and the Baldrshof community. The bonds she has built with businesses and individuals through the food shelf, school drive, and countless other avenues is beyond belief and priceless. The reminders and tech help are always appreciated too. She finds the time to help me through my phone/laptop smashing mode, and never complains...

From her “dunzo bernardos,” to her awesome crafts and egg bakes, we are all lucky to have her in our corner, working hard for us!

Hail Ashley McStocker, McRockstar, McMurdock, soon to be Erlandson!!!!!''

-Folkbuilder Jesse Shaffer-

Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker is so much more than a Folkbuilder for her Church. She is someone no one can question that her heart lays with the Folk, her Family, and her Gods. She makes those around her better and does so selflessly. If you don’t know Ashley, get to know her, she’d be happy to know you.

Hail Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker!

Gothi Nathan Erlandson


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