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Food Pantry: Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 10 AM

Since late 2020, volunteers at Þórshof have been participating in our charitable food distribution for the town of Linden and surrounding communities. It is this spirit of hospitality that informs the culture of not only Þórshof, but the entirety of the District we represent. As we say, "if you are hungry, we'll feed you." Typically, the last Saturday of the month, we are always accepting volunteers and donations and if you would like to participate, please reach out!

For donations or sponsorship, please reach out to Folkbuilder Heather Young at

Global Outreach

Folk Services

Currently, many white folk in South Africa are unemployed and have fallen into extreme poverty due to preferential treatment for others in this area of the world. Our members around the world contribute to our "South Africa Fund" to help lighten the severity of this devastating situation.

When members come into financial hardship, the Folk rally together to assist them. By our church community contributing to the "Folk Services Fund" throughout the year, one-time modest monetary grants are available. We then are able to help those struggling to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, or a medical bill when such a need arises. 

If you’d like more information about our Outreach Program, get in touch today.

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