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Asatru: More Than a Club

“Asatru is so much more than just rollin’ with the homies!”

- Alsherjargothi Flavel, Midsummer 2023

*Much of this piece was originally drafted a day or two after Midsummer at Óðinshof, which was in the middle of a small exodus of people who did not take Asatru or our Gods seriously. A few people left, and these few people were each followed by a few others whose loyalties were with their friends rather than the Æsir.*

Some of our people who identify as Asatru seem to do so simply as a way to be different, as a path to a culture that is counter to the mainstreams of Christianity and atheism. As someone with very strong feelings on both Christianity and atheism, I can understand that aspect. However, these same people tend to treat our faith and our church as if they are nothing more than a club. It is nothing to them but another way to spend time with their buddies. This is the wrong way to look at Asatru, or any faith, for that matter.

The word Asatru means “loyal to the Æsir”, which translates to belief in our native Gods, as well as staying true to them. This is why the AFA has Hofs dedicated to the Æsir, rituals honoring and exchanging gifts with the Æsir, and ordained clergy to manage all of these things.

What we do here is not only real and serious, but will echo throughout the currents of time itself. Our ancestors are watching us from beyond the veil, raising cups or horns alongside us every time we hail our Gods and Folk. Our descendants are already being born into a world with multiple Hofs. Our present Folk are returning to the Æsir in record numbers, never seen before and predicted only in the minds of optimistically pious.

Our Gods are with us- and by “us”, I will forever be speaking of the Asatru Folk Assembly.

This is not a club. This is not a hobby. This is real, because our Gods are real. This is who we are.

Gothi Trent East


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