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Words from the Alsherjargothi

Congratulations to Þórshof! Ostara 2024 was the largest event Þórshof has had yet.  Not only did a record number of our Folk attend, it was a powerful event for all involved.  For myself, I was very energized by the event and by the company.  More than that, I was extremely proud of my AFA family and especially our amazing Folkbuilders.  Saturday night's High Sumbel may have been my favorite Sumbel I have ever been a part of. It was truly inspiring to hear how people were there for each other in times of need and the positive way our AFA has enhanced people's lives.

We are all part of something amazing. There is no better time than now to go out there and make things happen. There is so much to do, so many dreams to make reality, so many ways all of us can help work together to achieve greatness. If you would like to help the AFA build, grow, and achieve, reach out to your nearest Folkbuilder because there is ALWAYS more to do then there are hands to do it. Let's build our Golden Age today!

Matthew D. Flavel

Alsherjargothi, Asatru Folk Assembly


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