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Words from the Alsherjargothi

2024 is the 30th year of our Asatru Folk Assembly and we are off to a great start!  It's great to see the year start with so many gatherings and so many smiling faces.  We have a big year ahead of us and much to accomplish.  I want to start out by bringing your attention to a few things in case you are not already aware or engaged. 

Victory Never Sleeps is live at 6 Pacific every week on YouTube.  Currently Witan Svan Herul and I are in the midst of a verse-by-verse lore study of the Hávamál.  We encourage questions from anyone about anything people want to know more on.  These shows are also available on Spotify as podcasts every Friday.

Also, Folkbuilder Lydia Phelps in revamping our websites to make them beautiful and loaded with functionality.  Stop by and check them out if you haven't already:

The Baldrshof District site and the Runestone website are under construction as we speak.

Also, there is still time to register and make plans to attend Charming of the Plow at Njörðshof in White Springs Florida, I look forward to seeing you all there.  

Matthew D. Flavel

Alsherjargothi, Asatru Folk Assembly


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