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Picking up the Torch

We have been blessed with a divine spark. It was handed down from Heimdall to our ancestors and from them to us. It is your sacred birthrite. It is also our duty to kindle that spark into a flame that burns ever bright upon the altar of your heart. Let that flame burn as a beacon to those who are lost. May it be a beacon of beauty, of strength, of piety, and let it burn away all weakness and fear. That torch is passed from your fathers to their sons to guide the Folk toward Victory. Our path is illuminated by our forebears, but it is our sacred duty to carry our torches past the safety and comfort of that path. To push into the dark and wilderness, to plant torches and clear obstacles for those who follow in our path. Our lives will be viewed through a mythic lens in the generations to come. The pioneers of Modern Asatru, and we must live up to that mythic status. Will you bear that torch? Will you prepare the next generations to do the same? We are the Alfar of the future, our Alfar guide and protect the Disir beyond the veil. It is a sacred rite that begins in this life and carries on into the next. Will you be ready? The flames of candles and scared needfires all go out eventually, but this sacred flame that burns in our heart must never extinguish. Others who carry the flame will recognize it in you, and those who are lost may follow the light that burns inside us all. We are recognized by our deeds and those deeds are what makes us Asatru. Words are wind, deeds are iron.

Witan Daniel Young


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