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Kamden Musser ᛉ09/25/1996 – 11/10/2023ᛦ

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Kamden Musser of Ohio. Called Kam by those who knew him, he was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Don’t worry though, Ohio was still his most superior home!

Those who didn’t know Kam well were still instantly aware of his friendly personality by his big, easy smile. He loved a good joke, a good beer, and the companionship of his friends. Kam’s love of history was rivaled by his love of animals. If he wasn’t reading a good political history, you might be able to find him volunteering at his local animal shelter.

One thing that you could always be sure of with Kam was his love for his folk. He was loyal to those he cared for to a fault- to the AFA, to his kindred, Under Ash and Oak in Ohio, and most importantly, to his wife, Mary Jane.

All those who knew and cared for Kam knew that he was selfless, funny, and passionate. He will be missed by many.

He will be remembered by many.

Hail Kamden Musser!


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