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We are Together for a Reason

I'd like to go on a little journey for a moment. We are born into a certain family. They are ours and will always be so. Good, bad, or indifferent we cannot escape this fate.

Growing up through the years we meet many friends. Some stay and some go. My mother always said that at the end of this time "if just one stays, you are a lucky man." That one person came for a reason. To think if you weren't in that same school or same class at that same time, through all times…you would have never met. You were meant to find them and them you.

We now come to the cornerstone of life, our spouse. Of all the people in the world somehow you ended up together. If you didn't make this choice or that, the chance encounter of you coming together, would have never been. For some of us, if we follow the path backwards, we can be thankful for the good choices we made and, in some cases, the bad that ultimately led to this union. A union of eternal love that whispers through the Ages.

Throughout all this particular life and once again at this particular chance in time, we all felt this calling inside of us. That there was something more or maybe missing. Choices, many, along the way started to add up. All at once, all of us and then we find ourselves in the AFA. Why did we find each other? I don't have that kind of vision or many of the answers, but I do know something beyond us is at work and we have been urged "here" and not "there." And to think of how many "theres" it could have been.

And now it's time to follow the path not backwards, but forewords. Urd and Verdundi have spoken for all of us. Now it's Skuld's turn. We are together for a reason. A chance occurrence of the eons to take up this Great Work. And we shall do just that.

No more fate, just destiny.

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!

And Hail the Church that brought us together!

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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