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Sigrheim: Hard Work Pays Off

February marked Charming of the Plow and a month to get some work done. We didn't have any land needing plowed, but what we did have was a shed needing built. Over the last year, we've acquired a number of tools, supplies, and the like to aid the work at Sigrheim, and it was time a couple weren't enough to keep everything tidy. I went and bought us a shed for the AFA to use while we need it, and we set to work putting it together.

Here's a tip: don't schedule things around the completion timeline listed on the instructions. It took us about 3x that amount, but with a perseverance and a few weekends of work, we got it up, and we got the supplies moved in out of the weather. It's a tiny thing, but it's cute, and it'll serve its job.

Come on out and see us for Ostara. It's gonna be good.

Folkbuilder Nicholas Rice


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