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Runic Yoga, Runestone December 2021

Years ago, when I first learned of the runes, I was very intrigued. Wotan has for some time now been the God that I follow and most obviously part of becoming more like him the runes would be involved. I remember getting everything I could read and began to find specific practices on them. If I may be honest, it all sounded very silly to me at that time. Galdr and staring at pictures of the runes I thought would do nothing but I stayed the course undeterred. After continuous effort with the runes and other practices after a few months, I started to notice and difference in myself. I no longer struggled with the things that held me back. Things that held me back all my life. The runes had some kind of healing effect on me that until that point nothing could do the same. It is my view that all of our people should be actively involved in using runes in some way. And if you do, I know you'll see similar results.

Moving on and into my wandering years as I like to call it (to find more!) I found other practices that corresponded with my runic ones. One being Kundalini pranayama/yoga. I took on a similar path with the same determination that I had with the runes. I did see some results but at the same time, something didn't quite feel right. I was not fond of eating a vegetarian diet and some of the Eastern philosophy just didn't quite mesh with my worldview, but let me make it very clear that I regret none of this time. It radically helped me change how I viewed our Lore, especially the hidden meanings behind The High One's quests.

It has now been exactly 1 year since what I explained in the last paragraph. I put it all down and at that time felt the calling towards the Armanen runes again. They were always there but at a distance if that makes sense. I knew something was different about them but I had to be ready and they came to me when the time was right. I also wanted to in some way incorporate yoga but yoga that worked for me. Runic Yoga was something I always knew about but once again thought it was silly at first glance. Strangely I felt the same voice inside say ''try it'' so I did with the same intensity. The background from understanding the subtle energies around and within helped greatly here and also, the esoteric meanings behind the runes themselves. So again, we find that often we have always been on ''the right path'' but may not have known it. In an extremely short time of following Siegfried Adolf Kummer's work on Runic Yoga and in making it my own over time, I noticed that I have taken another leap, another transformation and it continues to this day. I no longer think of them as ''out there'' or ''in me'' but instead no difference at all. I am One with the. This also goes for my perception of our Gods and Goddesses. It is a challenging idea to express in words. Perhaps that is as it's supposed to be.

With that, I would like to share some of my thoughts on the IS and KA rune and will continue this month to month. Discussing 2 with one being practiced for two weeks before moving on to the next- Continuously adding a rune onto your practice as you progress. I'll also try to attach a copy of Meister Kummer's book Holy Rune Might for those that would like to read more. If it can't be, please reach out to me privately and I would be glad to forward it to you. There are many other practices that will help too. I highly recommend them all.

For me, I think of Runic Yoga as an initiation. We are starting our journey to become something else but to go further we need to start WITH what we'll need for it right? I hope these ideas will help you along your path. Meister Kummer put these runes in order for a reason. Let's discuss the IS rune practice.

Try to clear your thoughts of the day and think positively. Negative thinking is a huge hindrance here. We'll be taking in subtle energies and there are ones that are contrary. The ones you attract are solely up to you.

Stand at military attention, facing north, and begin breathing at 7 seconds in and 7 seconds out. It's important to breathe while filling your stomach each time, not just the lungs. This is for all additional practices as well.

Once you have steady breathing established, pay attention to your head in the pineal gland area and then sing (eeeee) in a high-pitched tone. You'll feel it vibrating in that area. On the next breath do the same thug b but with a lower pitch., You'll feel it in the stomach/lower back area. Both of these areas are extremely important to awaken.

Experiment with changing tone. You'll feel the energy going up and down your spine. This will help with future exercises.

Lastly, I like to picture myself standing outside of time and space during this where nothing can affect me, the unmoved mover, with the Gods and I looking out into the cosmos. This is up to you though. Use your creativity and what makes sense to you. Work your way up to 1+ minutes with this and when done say to yourself some positive affirmations. They can be something like ''I am in control of my thoughts, my body, even my dreams. The indestructible Ich controls them all. I fear not, I worry not. As my power grows may I do good things for my brothers and sisters'' etc.

IS rune variation two and done prior to moving into any other Runic Yoga postures:

This is relatively short but still powerful. Begin in military attention, facing north and with the same breathing as above.

At the same time picture a Hero or God, you would like to embody in your own life. Hold that image in the mind's eye during these 7 breaths.

Over time you'll start to merge with what you are trying to be and it won't seem like some distant fantasy. You are now becoming what you seek. After all, we have many of the same abilities if we only believe in ourselves. Now that we have awakened o the fact that we too are Divine let's move on to the KA rune.

Once completing IS you can move right into KA or what I like to do is take an additional 3 breaths to prepare myself before raising my arms for the practice.

Raise your arms at a 45-degree angle facing north like the picture provided. Hands slightly raised.

Try to picture yourself drawing energy, perhaps fire into your arms as you breathe in with the energy ending up in your stomach area. Do this 3 times/breaths, on the third sing (kaaa) in a deep tone, and then turn to the east. Repeat and then turn back north again. I like to do a minimum of 9 breaths here. You'll notice your belly warming up. I like to look at this as the power of the Priestess Wife (or Husband or the women) within giving us what we need to progress. An awakening, destroying fear and purifying us, making us KApable if you will.

Once done, put your arms down, back at attention and you may feel energy running up and down your back. I tend to feel a tickle sensation on the right side of my head. I then say something like this for example ''May I find you, may we be one again, may I become a runemaster''. Once again use what works for you in this instance. We must create our own flower.

You'll notice it challenging to hold your arms up in this position in the beginning. You'll be concentrating more on the pain than the other part of the exercise but I promise in a short period of time, you'll strengthen the shoulder area to do this effectively. Plus, the previous IS rune practice helps you disconnect from the material.

Also keeping a journal or notebook is a good idea. Write down your thoughts and progress. Every so, so, often some will come that will change and guide you forever. Lastly, I highly recommend taking up reading the works of the early Rune Masters. Ones like Rudolf Gorsleben, Siegfried Adolf Kummer like we have already mentioned, and of course the One who started it all, the Great Meister Guido Von List. Going to the source will do you good and will give you the base structure you will need. Enough said and I look forward to seeing and hearing of your progress. As always, I am open to discussing anything. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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