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Midsummer Poetry Corner

Rise. Sun. Day.

by Folkbuilder Nick Rice

Wheel turns.

Shining bright.

New day.

Baldr is HERE.

The wheel keeps spinning, and days keep growing.

Summer's peak comes but once per year.

At the stead of Óðinn, Folk gather 'round,

To light the fire, and raise it high.

Heat, warmth, ever-burning light,

Remember to look up, forward, Victory.

Guided by True North, the shining light rolls,

O'er the heavens and the dales, the valleys and the seas.

It's a new start, a new day, a new beginning.

Feeding the soul, the body, the mind, the Folk.

Community, gather and give. Bond and praise.

Time starts now, time never stopped. Continue.

The high son, the sun on high.

Rises to guide the Folk, a new Folk,

The same Folk, bonded by the gifts

Önd, Óð, Lá. Connections. Family. King.

Midsummer joy marks high times rising.

A return to our Folk, Aryan spirits rise.


A Poem for Midsummer

by Apprentice Folkbuilder Erik Lugnet

The wheel has turned, summer is here,

Winters cold is nowhere near


Birds building their nests,

With no time to rest


Fish swimming upstream,

For the next generation to be


Thawed ground claimed by flowers,

Life flexing its immense power


Herald Victory,

Make way for Midsummer!


Nicholas Rice Folkbuilder


Erik Lugnet

Apprentice Folkbuilder



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