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Folkbuilder Spotlight, Sara Ault

Folkbuilder Sara Ault is one of our most instrumental women in the AFA. Most likely are unaware of just how much she does for our Folk. Nearly every one of us has crossed paths with Sara whether we know it or not. A lot of us unknowingly reap the work Sara puts in daily and may never know just how much. Sara has her hands on so many aspects of AFA functionality that a lot of our Victories would not be what they are without her. She is directly involved in with the Asatru Academy, Runestone Press, Social Media, Websites, Lore Study, and Women’s Book Study just to list a few. Her daily sacrifice of time and energy for the Folk is beyond what most do in a month, or even a year. Sara Ault directly impacts every one of us in one form or another.

Sara was amongst the first volunteers for the AFA Academy and is still there putting the work in where others have fallen off. She is always eager to help in any way she can and has taken on more and more of the responsibilities that are needed for our children and our Church to be successful. Sara is the first point of contact for interested parents in the Asatru Academy and knows the program inside and out, she interacts regularly with parents, and contributes personally to the academic and spiritual material.

If you have children in the Academy, read the Runestone, join in lore, or book study, etc. you know the work Sara puts in. If you do not know her personally, she would be happy to make your acquaintance. If you do know her, you know just how much of a positive impact she has for our folk. Either way, reach out to her and thank her for all she does. She is humble, wise, and caring. Sara is one of our most dedicated leaders of our Church.

Thank you, Sara, for all that you do, it does not go unnoticed. 

“As our Goddesses have their handmaidens, Sara Ault is our safety net for AFA leadership. Whether it’s Asatru Academy, the needs of Hof Districts, assisting with teams meetings, or various book studies; she communicates clearly, swiftly, and quietly. She is always behind the scenes with her magic touch for management. Meanwhile, her nature is calm and caring so all who know her feel they are with family” – Gythia Sheila McNallen 

“Sara is the first to help in all her areas of contribution. She is a solid force for the AFA, and Baldrshof District” – Folkbuilder Nick Rice 

“Sara has been absolutely instrumental in the success of the AFA Academy; we are proud and lucky to have her as the assistant dean” - Gothi Rob Stamm

Gothi Nathan Erlandson


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