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When we talk about Wyrd, or fate, often ideas of karma, or maybe an old Vikings movie or even a Greek mythology movie might be conjured up. But how many of us really understand this concept? Fate is an interesting conundrum. For Americans, we are taught from a young age things like manifest destiny, and it was our fate to conquer from coast to coast, to be world leader, etc. yet we are also taught the ever popular "no fate but what we make." So, what is it? Are we driven inexorably towards a pre-ordained destination? Or do we forge our own path and destination? The answer is complex. 

Many people are drawn to think of Wyrd as karma. Perhaps the Aryan concept of karma is easily digestible because it has been so mainstream and popular. But Wyrd is much more complex than pop Hinduism, karma itself is a much deeper concept than mainstream popular culture would have you believe. But let's dive into Wyrd. Wyrd as we know is a web of cause and effect. Fate drives us, not because an outcome was decided at birth and no matter what, that is the destination. Fate is, what must be, what should be, and what could be. All of our decisions paint the picture that is our lives, all lead to a direction. We can change that direction, by good decisions and bad ones. Some may be tempted to excuse bad behavior, bad action, by "well, that's fate baby. I don't have a choice in it." This is pure folly. Fate lights a path for us to lead to the correct destination, it is up to us to see the light and take the path. We can struggle and fight and go down a different path. That is free will. But ultimately, recognizing the Tru lit path, will make our lives more full, more rich, and more authentic to our purpose. 

Many struggles and seemingly devastating occurrences in my own life, that felt terrible at the time, have led me down the correct path. Every heartache, every struggle, has led me to where I am today. 

What does this mean in practical application? Well, the struggles we face, the hardship, the heartache, the pain, we lament at the time, but often steer us in the direction we are meant to go. So, when you struggle, when something happens that seems devastating, try to remember this is happening for a reason, trust in fate. Following the path that fate has lit up for me has caused temporary struggle but has always steered me in a direction that ultimately was much better and made me happier. 

Trust in fate, the Nornir know what they are doing. Follow that lit path and love every minute in Miðgarð.

Gothi Rob Stamm


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