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Sigrblót literally means ‘Victory Blot’ and was celebrated by our ancestors in the early summer months. On the one hand, our ancestors were celebrating their victory over the harsh winter. Life had won. On the other hand, our ancestors performed blot to ask for victory. With the warm weather and the completion of the planting time the men often turned their minds to the duty of man. War. Practically speaking, summer was the better time to organize new campaigns and to set sail.

In our modern times, the vast majority of us are not familiar with war in a personal way. We do, however, all have our struggles. Sigrblót is a time to refocus. It is the time we can use to reorganize our priorities, to figure out the steps we need to take in order to reach our ultimate goals, and to break free from those that we struggle with.

One great way to celebrate Sigrblót is to offer a meal or some other item that you spent time making in thanks for the victory of life. Another option is to sacrifice a bladed weapon to the fire. A nice knife, for example, the blade dulled in battle so that it cannot be used against you (this is symbolic, of course), offered to the fire is a great way to ask our Gods for victory during the coming winter.

A gift for a gift.

Gythia Catie Erickson


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