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Ostara at Þorshof | March 22nd - 24th

It’s that time again! Pretty soon, the grass in Dixie will awaken from its slumber, bees will be buzzing, flowers will begin to bud again. Our national event at Þórshof, Ostara. Folks are coming from all over the country to celebrate the Dawn, the Spring. Ostara has been among my favorite events since I joined AFA in 2018. Join us to worship, to fellowship, to give birth to the community and to the Gods and Folk.

We will have VIPs such as Alsherjargothi Matthew Flavel, and the AFA Witan, along with Gothar from all over the country! Expect Blót, Sumbl, games, and talks on various Asatru subjects.

Registration is already underway, please make sure to include children’s tickets (even though they are free) so we can have an accurate headcount to plan meals.

Also, if you have items for our auction, whether it’s handmade Asatru items, or homemade jam, whatever you wish to donate, it’s greatly appreciated.

We'll have a merch table at Ostara featuring flags, pins, books, and more. We'll have some awesome event shirts up for sale, as well as last year's Hof shirts (at a discount) and Þórshof hoodies.

Contact your local Folkbuilder for details.

Get your tickets HERE

Witan Daniel Young


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