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Martin Christopher Rojas 1992 - 2022

It is with heavy hearts that the Asatru Folk Assembly announces the unexpected loss of one of our Folk, Martin Christopher Rojas.

Martin, born 1992, was a bright light taken from the Folk too soon. Since joining his Folk in February 2022, after returning to his home state of Minnesota, he had made many friendships. He was a constant smiling and positive face at every moot, event, and holiday he attended. His mixture of good humor and quick wit will never be forgotten. The laughter of Folk was never ending in his presence.

His dedication and support of Baldrshof was immediate after joining the AFA. He didn't miss a single event, work day, or food pantry distribution. He travelled across Minnesota to share Frith with his Folk and support AFA members in neighboring states.

It seems only yesterday that folk of Baldrshof said their good byes to Martin in May as he made his way to Georgia. He was excited to meet the folk in the area and was planning his first visit to Thorshof. None of us thought that the goodbye would be final.

Hail Martin Rojas


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