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Farrin LaSan ᛉ 11/18/1980 - 6/19/2024 ᛦ

Farrin was a sweet girl. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and would do what she could to help anyone she could, even if they wronged her in the past. She loved her son very much and was a great mother. She was a good wife, very loving and faithful and got her feelings hurt easily. She smiled, laughed a lot sometimes even when she was sad, most people that met her loved her because she was so kind considerate and sweet. Was 43 years old and her loss is tragic. She will be dearly missed. She wanted to be with her husband and death in hopes to have a lot of what we shared in life. She is survived by her husband, her son 13, her sister, her brother and one aunt. She truly was a lovely young lady and we miss her dearly. Her nickname was mischief because she was always up to it. And we will miss her.

Hail Farrin! The Folk remember


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