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Alan Wittenberg ᛉ 7/2/1949 - 10/28/2023 ᛦ

Alan Wittenberg was a long time member of the Asatru Folk Assembly and a good friend. He was born in Missoula Montana on July second of the year 1949.

His father was a stone mason and scholar, preserving a tradition of his family that went back to Scandinavia. His mother lovingly cared for the hearth and raised him to be a kind and caring man.

For a time Alan worked with his father and his Uncle Stanley Hendrickson, learning the family trade. His work and that of his families can be seen throughout Missoula.

Alan was part of two rock bands during his life. He played Intripid and the Klassics.

He was a green thumb and had a very healthy garden where he grew vegetables and flowers alike.

But Alan's true calling was the family occupation of Scholar. Alan was witty and a brilliant writer. His sense of humor and the joy he found in this world filled volumes of his work as he studied the mysteries of the runes.

Alan can be best described as a seeker. His thirst for knowledge set him on the Odinic path decades ago and his work primarily focused on runic knowledge and mysteries.

His work is being cataloged and preserved by the Odinic Order of the Ulfhednar, of which he was involved with as the halls Patron Hero. Now in his passing, the hall remembers him and honors him by preserving his legacy.

More important than his involvement with the hall, he was a long time AFA member and once told me that his favorite part of the month was getting the runestone. Alan was far too remote to be able to make it to the hofs but his constant support dated back to the Asatru Free Assembly days. In later years, thanks to technological improvements, he became much more involved. I will never forget that we held his first group blot together or the joy he professed during his first sombel.

Alan received last rites in the form of the final wayfarer's blot surrounded by his loving family and afa members. Alan was perfectly lucid for the blot where he was honored by those who loved him and where he was presented with beautiful grave goods.

Alan passed with a smile on his face listening to Hemkomst ready to meet his ancestors.

Hail Alan Wittenberg!


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